Abdul Razak Mohammed Muzammil

No 10, Kreeda Mawatha, Saranangara Road, Dehiwela

Mob : 071-8431913, 077-8877-111

Completed Second year BSc Information Technology with Business Management Undergraduate at Informatics Institute of Technology in Collaboration with University of Westminster, with knowledge of Business Strategy and Information Technology with proven technical IT expertise and strong analytical and interpersonal skills developed through academic studies.

Career Objective:

v I would like to achieve some practical knowledge in business with IT and become an IT Manager.

Higher Education:

  • BSc Information System with Business Management (1st year completed) – Informatics Institute of Technology in Collaboration with University of Westminster (UK).
  • (2008/2009) Relevant Business Modules Studied
    1. Introduction to information Modelling 54
    2. Introductory Mathematics 51
    3. The ICT Practitioner 50
    4. Theory and Practice of Business 44
    5. Business Information System 44
    6. Modelling in Information Systems 42
    7. Personality Management & Leadership Skills 48
    8. Database Systems 40
    9. Interpersonal Skills for Business 75
  • BSc Information System with Business Management (2nd year completed) – Informatics Institute of Technology in Collaboration with University of Westminster (UK).

  • (2009/2010) Relevant Business Modules Studied
    1. Business Information Systems
    2. Modelling In Information Systems
    3. Personality Development and Leadership Skills.
    4. Database Management Systems.
    5. Interpersonal Skills for Business.
    6. Introductory Mathematics.
    7. Operational Management
    8. Project Management
    9. Business Organization Communication
    10. Management Accounting & Financial Management
    11. Entrepreneurial Studies

Previous Education:

2007/2008 – Awarded the Foundation Certificate in Higher Education (Merit Pass) at Informatics Institute of Technology.

  • Modules Studied
    1. Personal Computer Base Applications 72
    2. Digital Circuits and Logic Design 61
    3. Business Management 60
    4. Visual Basic Programming 58
    5. Communication Skills in English 51
    6. Elements of Electronics 48
    7. Introduction to Database Systems 46
    8. Mathematics for Computing and Business 40


Team Work:

  • Worked collaboratively with colleagues in a range of work settings, including as Group Leader for the Project assignments with deadlines, with responsibility for coordinating the work and motivating a team of five members to meet the required deadline.
  • Experience of working in teams during academic projects involved planning, role allocation and co-ordination to ensure high quality work efficiently and effectively was submitted within deadlines. Interaction with peers helped develop the ability to work effectively with people from different cultures and work styles.


  • Experience of organizing and prioritizing workload to meet right deadlines, when faced with multiple projects and work commitments.
  • Excellent organizational skills applied in IT support role to Train student in New Computer Software (Ms Office 2003, Adobe Packages)


  • Delivered presentations at University, Explaining complex IT concepts and business with various other subjects of the module and prepared written academic reports.
  • I have trained and taught many students in IT field through my part time teaching job.
  • I have trained many student Arabic Language and grammar for more then 2 years at various place (All Ceylon Jamiyathul Quran and Dar Asslalaf).
  • I was a Sub Editor of Monthly Islamic Tamil magazine of "Nabi Wali Num Wali".
  • I have published an Islamic book on behalf of an Islamic Institute (with my own format and design).
  • I have delivered Public lectures on religious matter and other various subjects.


  1. 2010 March – Certified of completion of the Course " Microsoft windows Xp: Tune up your PC" at HP online learning Center.
  2. 2008 July – Certified of completion of the Course "Exploring and Implementing GOBI and 3G Technology" at HP online learning Center.
  3. 2009 July – Certified of completion of the Course “Protect your PC from spam, spyware and viruses" at HP online learning Center.
  4. 2008/2009 – Certified of completion of the Course "Computer Firewall Basics" at HP online learning Center.
  5. 2008/2009 – Certificate of participation in inter house sports meet in Football team in Informatics Institute of Technology.
  6. 2006/2007 – Certificate of honour in "recognition of outstanding achievement at Cutting Edge 2007" at Informatics Institute of Technology.

2005/2006 - Diploma in Computer Graphic Designing at Paradise Institute, vocational Training Center in Kuwait.

  • Software Studied and Trained are as follows :
    1. Adobe Photoshop CS.
    2. Adobe Illustrator CS.
    3. Adobe PageMaker.
    4. CorelDraw.
    5. Macromedia Flash MX
    6. Macromedia Dream Viewer.
    7. Quark Express.
    8. Nasir Al – Sahfi

2005/2006 – Certificate of Completion of (Islamic) Al – Aleem course at Darul Quran in Kuwait Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

2001/2002 – Certificate of Completion of Al – Aleem (Islamic) course at Al-Rasheediya Arabic College, Mukraholam, Sri Lanka.

2000/2001 - Diploma in Computer Application at Dar As-Salaf Educational Center – 156 Hospital Road, Kalubowila, Dehiwela.

  • Program Included :

v Computer Operating System XP, 2000 Arabic.

v MS Office 2003

v Type Setting in English, Tamil and Arabic.

v Internet and Email.

v Introduction to Computer Hardware.


2001/2002 – Computer Operator (Specialist in Arabic) at All Ceylon Jamiyathul Quran – Dehiwela, Sri Lanka

v Preparing Monthly report in Arabic and English.

v Designing Course Material and syllabus.

v Handled effectively the correspondences in both English and Arabic Languages (uploads, Downloads, Internet and Emails).

2003/2006 – Computer Graphic Designer at Al-Sabahiya Printing Press – Al Fahaheel, State of Kuwait.

v Projects undertook from Kuwait Ministries.

v Responsible for quality control and graphic designing with color corrections.

v Efficient resolution of customer satisfactions, Development and implementation of enhanced procedures for assisting customers with their special needs (printings).

v Worked as project leader of all printing work from Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)

Interests and Other Skills:

v Enjoy Graphic Designing and Web Development (Animation).

v Proficient User of Microsoft Office and Adobe Packages

v Sri Lankan Driving License.

v Enjoy Football.

v Keen Interest in Information Technology with IT Technical Knowledge.


v Fluent English, Tamil, Arabic and Sinhala.


1. Ms. R. Gayathri Ranasinghe

Lecturer and Level Coordinator (2nd year)

Informatics Institute of Technology(IIT)

Telephone 011- 2360212 ext:401

57 , Ramakrishna Road,
Colombo 6

2. Ms. Luxmy Vivehanenthan

Lecturer and Level Coordinator (1st year)

Informatics Institute of Technology(IIT)

Mob : 0777-705979, Tel : 011- 2360212

Wellawatha - 06

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Life is war
Have to live and see
War place can be changed
War would not be changed.

Always there should be troubles in life
that will makes one do something

Problems are nothing but a step to reach the goals

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Steam is invisible

Strictly speaking we can’t really see steam. What is ordinarily called ‘steam’ is a cloud of drops of hot water. If you closely watch the steam coming out of a kettle of boiling water, you will notice that for a short space beyond the spout of the kettle, you do not notice anything what we call steam or the cloud of water drops begin only after a small gap. Real steam is invisible.